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Located in the beautiful city of Saalfelden, in the center of the Austrian Alps and in the heart of the region of Salzburg, the Unterrainer Law-Firm is perfectly situated to serve both corporate and private clients in a manner that lives up to modern requirements and needs. Using modern technologies, we are able to serve clients not just in the region, but all over Europe and North America.

While we work with a lot of local companies and individuals, one of our unique offerings is acting as the legal advisor and representative for international clients that need their interests protected in Austria, and the German-speaking region of Europe in general.

We are the perfect partner “in your corner”, offering personalized attention through individual appointments, not just in our offices, but we are also happy to meet at your home, or online (using different meeting technologies), or even “on site” (at the site of accidents or crime-sites). We are flexible in setting up times and are available on request, even outside of regular business hours.

We offer free initial consultations to give you an overview of your situation, how to best handle it, and what to expect.

One of our areas of specialty is to avoid legal problems and court cases altogether, by pro-actively assisting you in settling disputes amicably and cost efficiently, in order to avoid large and often unnecessary legal bills and other expenses.

We are a small firm, and we do not claim to be experts in everything. However, we have a large network of legal experts in almost all fields of law, both in Europe and North America. If we cannot help you with your problem directly, we can pass you on to the correct people or firms, and still act as a liason that represents your interest.

Services for Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

While we serve corporate customers of any size, it is especially useful for small to medium-sized companies to have expert legal advise at their disposal as needed. Through our expert network, we cover all legal areas (corporate law, contract law, staffind and social law, copyright law, and so on…).

One of our areas of special expertise is to represent the interests of English-speaking clients in the German-speaking regions of Europe.


Operating internationally (such as offering a web site) usually means that the owner of the site is exposed to a variety of legal issues and pitfalls.

Whether your business specifically operates in Europe or not, European IT-Law (such as GDPR) applies and results in a variety of obligations and guidelines, including privacy laws, data retention and storage laws, and more.

Through our partnership with CODE Consulting, we can help you with the legal side of IT-Law, and also make specific recommendations about technical aspects.
The combination of expertise in law and technology is a unique offering we provide.

Whether you are interested in registering a trademark or copyright, or whether you ran into an issue with existing rights and trademarks, we can help!

We offer services to register trademarks and copyrights (including research for existing and potentially conflicting marks). We also take on the responsibility of reminding you of deadlines and renewal requirements. We can also help and offer services to protect and defend your copyrights and trademarks.

Services for Private Clients

Being an attorney is not just a profession for us, but we are passionate about supporting and advising our individual, private clients with their legal needs.

We understand that legal problems often represent considerable hurdles and hardship for individuals. It is important for us to support you in your needs and being the “partner in your corner” that looks out for your interests.

We understand that individual clients need to have a special eye on the expenses and the hardship created by legal situation, and we pride ourselves in keeping both to a minimum, often resolving issues without going to court.

Family Law (Divorces,...)

Whether you are ready to get married, or whether things didn't work out and you need a divorce, we can help!

Often, situations that involve family-law can turn into a lot of hardship. We are aware of this and aim to minimize the emotional toll by working with everyone involved to make sure issues do not turn into multi-year nightmares. We are experts in assisting in low-friction conflict resolution, usually resulting in the best outcome for everyone involved.

Other Areas of Expertise:

  • Accidents (especially ski and traffic accidents)
  • Liability, tort, and warranty law
  • Wills, estate, and inheritance law
  • Criminal law
  • ...

About Us

Mag. Michaela Unterrainer established the Unterrainer Law-Firm in 2020. Mag. Michaela Unterrainer studied law (“Rechtswissenschaften”) at the University of Salzburg (2007-2011), after having worked several years as a legal and notary-assistant. After finishing her studies, she spent extensive time working at the courts in Salzburg (“Landesgericht Salzburg”) and in Zell am See (“Bezirksgericht Zell am See”), as is required for new attorneys in Austria. Afterwards she worked at the law offices of Fahrner & Unterrainer in Zell am See (in the later years as a partner in the firm), until she proudly established her own firm in 2022 in her beloved and beautiful home-town of Saalfelden.

Publication: Die Kompetenz des Sachverst├Ąndigen im Zivilprozess, 2012

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